3 Step IT Relief Plan

Every business needs IT support but did you know that a quick fix can cost you a lot of money further down the line?

IT support companies that deal only with symptom relief allow the underlying health of your IT system to deteriorate – and eventually break down. How long could you afford for your systems to be offline?relief

Limbtec do things differently. We have created a low-cost 3-step IT relief plan that will identify any current IT health problems, put out any immediate fires and monitor the state of your network on an ongoing basis using smart technology.

Step 1: Diagnose

We offer a far better service than the standard ‘break-fix’ model of only dealing with the obvious symptoms and waiting for you to call (and pay) again the next time you have a problem.

During our first meeting, we will assess the state of your network, including all systems and devices. If there is an existing issue – whether you were aware of it or not – we will pinpoint the exact cause.

Step 2: Fix

Once we have identified the root cause of the problem, we can apply the simplest and most cost-effective fix to get you running optimally again. We will prioritise security and reliability, but we won’t try and sell you any unnecessary software or hardware.

Step 3: Prevent

The critical third part of our IT relief plan is our Managed Services Plan (MSP). This provides three key benefits: Active Network Monitoring, guaranteed fast response times and regular system health reports.

Active Network Monitoring

Trained IT experts will set up and manage smart software to keep a watchful eye on your network status. This will:

  • Identify security breaches
  • Track viruses and other malware
  • Ensure your anti-virus is up to date
  • Monitor servers for potential upcoming problems
  • Check backup status

With Active Network Monitoring in place, you will receive fair warning about any issues that are likely to affect your IT security or performance.

Respond within 30 minutes, Start work within an hour

Once a problem has been identified, we will act promptly to fix it. We know that every minute of downtime will cost you money so we have included a guaranteed response time.

As soon as we have been alerted, we will respond within 30 minutes and get to work on a solution within the hour. If you need us to visit your Devon or Cornwall-based premises, we will quickly schedule an appointment with you.

Regular system health reports

To keep you in the picture, we will email you monthly reports. These will include:

  • User activity
  • Network health
  • System performance
  • Upgrades due
  • Failed backups
  • Anti-virus updates

These reports will also provide the data you would need when expanding your IT infrastructure, something many businesses are looking into at the moment.

Access Two Complimentary Hours of Support – Sign up to a 30-Day No-obligation Free Trial

Our 30-day complimentary trial makes sense for any businesses with a mission-critical IT system. Your system may be running well but if we do identify an issue we offer the added bonus of two free hours of billable support.

You don’t have to choose to continue with the plan after your trial expires so you really have nothing to lose by signing up.

Simply fill in the form below and we will get your plan up and running.

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