Computer security and Broadband

Why is it that because most Broadband providers supply a method of anti-virus etc at the server level to the end customer believe they are save not to bother with Anti-Virus or Firewall local!!!

ISPs have a responsibility to make sure that all end users are safe. This should mean that they should advise all customers the security measures at the ISP end are extras, and customer should make sure that they have their own protection.

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Not my normal technical stuff here but

I received a letter today threatening to cut my Sky+ off if I did not connect both boxes to my telephone line.

Ok I know it is in their Terms and Conditions, but both boxes are plugged in to the telephone line, the insulation engineer did it.

Now this is where the problem began, the engineer who caused about £100 structural damage to my house. The same engineer who nearly broke his neck jumping from my garden path in through my back door.

After a few minutes on the phone it was apparent that the problem was down to a poor installation. I have my phone number with held, well the Sky system needs 1470 to be entered so it register the calls.

But the real killer is it is still my fault, the engineers don’t know that a customer has their number with held.

Now 2 points sky should remember.

1. They carry installation tests, why is 1 of these not the telephone call back test I carried out yesterday, they just check it is connected to an active line.

2. When anyone from my company may be doing an installation of equipment that requires communications via telephone line, I expect them to make sure it does. It is their fault if it doesn’t work not the customer’s

I doubt Sky will do anything about it, but at least everyone now knows about their sloppy service

by the way if you want to remove the 1470 after the 12 months are up go to services then press 4 then press 01 followed by select this will bring up a hidden menu one of the items there is telephone and upon selecting thicket second box down contains the number.

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Catching up

As it is still a quite period for the business, I have been catching up on my reading.

Some nice articles including the new AMD mobile processor to rival Intel Centrino. At last hopefully a decent laptop processor which isn’t Intel. Ok rant over, as you can tell I am not a big Intel fan (and boy do they need big fans) ok kidding over now.

But if AMD can take some of the share away from Intel it will make a processor war inevitable. AMD already has the lead on 64 bit processors, and the rest of the range are going well also.

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Doing reasonably well with the New Year Resolutions, however as I don’t smoke, and am not over weight, and don’t drink a great deal, it means I can stay clear of the normal resolutions.

I am working very hard in getting my company sorted, and am now nearly done, what I would have done in a month last year this week. OK it is helped a lot by the fact people are only just about getting to grips with work so I am starting to see a lot of requests coming through.

Time will tell next week I suspect. However I have been dealt a slight blow. Well is suspect before Boxing day it would have been a Hugh blow, but things are very much in perspective at the moment. I have to have a new engine put into my car. Such a big expense for early in January, but one I can cope with.

Set up my server to use NTP to set the time correctly from Cambridge University.

and that was about the extend of my technical use today.

More tomorrow, or not if I’m lucky a quiet day!!

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Glitches galour

What a day of glitches which when added together meant I did not achieve a great deal.

Firstly the new DVD-RW I installed before Christmas stopped working, for no apparent reason, and after spending a couple of hours checking setting changing this and that, I just took it out and installed the old one. All works fine.

Then the internet just wouldn’t work at every site I needed, strange how that happens!
Any case eventually manage to get the component shop updated, and January’s catalogue uploaded.

Hopefully tomorrow I should manage to get the Processor/Memory/HDD Prices uploaded as well.

Still on the bright side the fixes, and tweaks on the Panda Anti Virus seems to have worked as it has update correctly today 2 days in a row?

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After more than a month I have finally got our copy of Panda Business Secure Anti-Virus working.

Thanks to the technical support team.

A couple of points when installing the program’s on a network which includes ISA server and Windows XP SP 2 desktops.

Isa needs to have the following ports open TCP 80 and 53. Also in the Proxy settings make sure the username is in the following format domain nameusername

On any desktops which have windows XP SP2 installed make sure you open up the following port TCP 19226.

This port allows communication between the desktop and the server. All should work with this configuration, I have suggested that the FAQ’s are made a little more clearer, (ie all on one sheet) Hopefully this will be done it has certainly been recommended. I still believe that Panda is currently one of the best AV products around. I am after all a reseller, something I will not do unless I use it myself.

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Difficult week

It’s been a difficult week, I have had a few IT puzzles to solve, but mostly just been watching the news, and the amazing pictures from S E Asia.

I have been very pleased with the way all of us in the UK have responded, I was busy yesterday but was amazed when I heard on the radio that the money donated from the public had rose above £25 Million.

Why is it that broadband Modem/routers seem to have an astonishingly failure rate. And I don’t mean after they have been used. In the last year I must have dealt with 8-12 router/modems which are broken straight out of the box.

And it doesn’t seem to be just one manufacturer, it is all of the popular makes. So just a warning to anyone thinking of getting one, if the modem part doesn’t work to begin with get it changed don’t let the sales people tell you to check this or that with your ISP, just change it.

I have yet to find a broken Belkin ADSL Modem/Wireless Router

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New Blog

A new blog, or is it just another blog??

This is my new technical blog, I will be posting here daily (yeah right) So keep on popping back to see what has been going wrong or even right with the technology I use/ maintain daily.

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