Disaster strikes

Disaster Strikes – It is very important to keep your data safe and secure. We hear endless stories of Government and big Businesses losing data. But it’s not just losing data that is a problems for any business. What about losing data due to damaged computers?

Recently a customer of our who keep archived documents on a removal hard drive, the problem is that a big parentage of data recovery jobs are actually for these devices as they get knocked, and dropped they get damaged slightly. The customer was already putting measure’s in place to stop this being a major issue.

The other main cause of hard drive failures is when computers are moved, and again due to excessive knocking or bouncing around.

Then the tables were turned as a customer of both of these customers, data was need for a job for us to be completed, the only people who had the data was ourselves.

The reason being is that we have a very robust data security process, so much so we can lose our office and our server etc, and I can be up and working in hours from home.

Don’t get caught out, make sure your data is backed up securely and in more than one location. For more details of how we help our customer visit our website http://limbtec.com

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Busy Times

Well, it has been a month and half since our last post, and lots have happened since then.

Firstly, New Services –
We can now do Mobile Communications and 3G Data Connectivity, along with now doing telecommunications, we can now offer all of your Connectivity, and Communications. Along with your IT infrastructure.

Secondly, New products –
We are now able to offer INVU document management. This is something we have been working on for about 15 months, but have now tied down the right deal.

On top of this we have been carrying a varied range of activities, new Hardware/Software, Networks, both cabled and wireless, in some really strange place and using innovative methods.

Read recently Microsoft, asked (Windows XP) customer to take a look at a new Operating System, they were shown how to do some of the every day tasks. And then asked to rate the system, of which a high percentage thought it was great, and a high number about 80% wanted to get hold of it. Then they were asked their views of Vista, many of which were negative.
Then they were told that the new OS they were using was actually Windows Vista.

This confirms our view that there really wasn’t anything wrong with Vista, but it is a new interface, and customers need some training on it to get the most out of it.


We have posted two new newsletters, why not subscribe at www.limbtec.co.uk/mailinglist

Well we hope to post more regularly, but for now that is it.

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Happy with Vista at last

People who have read past blog entries here and maybe on other Message Boards will know how unhappy I have been with Vista, since I started playing with it what now seems a long time ago (July 2006)

It nice to see that many of the things I have complained about the most have now had work done on them to make them work how they should.

I’m still not sure when clients will start rolling this out, I am still fairly certain it is going to be when they upgrade hardware.

But even though I have had the release product running on my Laptop for over a month now, I still used to boot into Windows XP. This has been for 1 reason only, my Vodafone 3G Data card would not work.

This morning Vista told me that there was a fix for this, so off i went and downloaded the new software. I now have a working solution.

And the new software also seems to be worth the wait.

Don’t just take my word for it, download it and use it if this has caused you problems.

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