What are you missing

What are you missing

You’ve probably got here as your a small business searching Google for an answer to a Technology/IT issue!
What are you missing by DIY IT Support?
We firmly believe in letting people to do what they are good at, but as Technology has become more and more consumerised, people believe they should be able to buy something on line, and set it up and it will work.

And whilst it may be fun to waste your time when you are at home with this, and it doesn’t matter too much if it just kind of works, when it comes to your business things are different.  We recently took on a new customer who had sign a new contract, and part of that contract was to have an awful lot of new technology in place, not only that it had to configured correctly and had to be tested!  They weren’t 100% certain they could actually do it.

What was required wasn’t actually rocket science, it was fairly straight forward.  But for them it was something that was completely different, and they have certainly benefited from some of our hand holding.

So what did we do, we took a peer to peer network (that wasn’t working that well) and we replaced it with a server based network, we added Office 365 to it, for their email.  A Hosted Anti-Virus, and Hosted Back up Solution to it.  Lastly we added a security appliance to make sure the whole network was protected from attack, from the outside.

The installation took 1 day, although the entire network was pre-configured, actual disruption was down to only a couple of hours, whilst we transferred data on to the network.  We actually did a site visit the next day to see what issues they were having, so we could resolve them, they were actually having NO problems everything was working.

Would they have achieved this by DIY approach, well they could have, but what would it have cost them, in time? in lost productivity? And would the end result be as secure, and still be fully functioning?

I suspect not, in fact I would say our cost for the install was less than 20% what they would have lost in time/productivity, they just carried on doing what they are good at, and we did what we are good at.

Make Us your Technology Team because there is no I in Technology.

If you want to know more, or think we could help call 01752 546967 or email martin@limbtec.com

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What happens after the virus

So you had a virus!
Then you had it cleaned, but things aren’t as they seem?

It happens from time to time, firstly the only time we can guarantee the computer is virus free is when it leaves us before you connect it to the Internet or insert a disc! after this we can’t guarantee as these are roots of infection.

But sometimes we get even weirder replies, “you brought my computer back but it doesn’t connect to the Internet” was a recent one. Now i know it was connecting as one of the things we do after cleaning is connect it up and update the Anti-virus software. After a chat about a few other things it turned out that the customer had recently changed their Internet Service Provider, and was actually trying to connect through (what was now) a dead connection!

Either way we are always happy to help our customers reestablish their set up after an infection, or just give help during their normal day to day use of IT

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The last post was not strictly true

The last post was not strictly true, it wasn’t a busy week, the week was bonkers.

Laptop Screens – we ended up repairing about 10 laptops.
Top Tips on looking after your screens

  1. These are fragile items, so don’t pick your laptop up by the screen, the weight of the laptop maybe enough to break the screen.
  2. Don’t leave it lying around someone will either standa on it or drop somethign on it, and again this will break the screen
  3. Don’t hit it in rage, this will break the screen
  4. Do clean it with a wipe.
  5. Do use a proper laptop case to keep it in – these normally provide some protection.

If it does break, you are going to have to have it replaced, although normally covered on insurance it may not be worth claiming, a 14.4″ Wide Screen will cost you £120 from us, that is fully fitted and includes the VAT. Smaller screens (Netbooks) will cost from £70, larger screens upto £170.

Also had to deal with the normal, day to day management of our business customers, along with some replacement motherboards.


I think I want to have a quiet week next week, but the truth is we already have a lot of work booked in, and this will grow throughout the week, still hopefully we should get the Job Ad placed next week for an IT Technician to join the team.

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This is an add-in to Outlook (2003 & 2007) which makes the information within outlook that much more valuable. Even if you use it just to search your emails, you will see that it is faster and more useful (IMHO) than the outlook search.
It also provides a wealth of stats, the website calls it Email analytics giving you graphs, ranking, and statistics detailing how you and your contact use emails.
You can also navigate your email by people, and by doing this you can discover who your contacts know. This is such a useful feature as you can easily find someone who knows a way in to a business you may be trying to target.
You can schedule appointments, by 1 click, and view your emails as a threaded conversation, enabling you to read your emails in context.
You can view the attachments that have been sent. All contact details can be viewed in the side bar, and it also integrates with Linkedin and Facebook. Along with connections to Skype, and Yahoo Mail accounts.
Bill gates said it is the must have add in to outlook, and I say it is the way email should be.
It also connects into your Linkin account and Facebook, as well as Skype and you Yahoo Mail account.
If you want to make sense of your email go to www.xobni.com and download and install this software

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