How large is your email

Email is akin to sending a letter through the Royal Mail (with out the cost). But you can only squeeze so much into a letter, before it becomes a parcel.

The same is true with emails, however in this case we just attach documents, and don’t really appreciate how big they are, after all how big is 1MB of Data?

So an email with a 15GB attachement is really like trying to send a 15KG letter, it is never going to get through the Royal Mail, it is going to have to go via Parcel Force, or an alternative courier.

Things aren’t quiet as simple as that with email, but you will have two limiting factors, firstly your system maybe set up in such a way that you can only attach a document of a certain size, at least you know this part of it. The other part of the equation is that clients email systems maybe set up to only receive emails up to a certain size. Generally you will probably be ok up to around 5MB over this it isn’t going to be certain to be delivered.

You have a couple of options out on the web, you could use dropbox, or yousendit. So you can upload the files, and let your customer/supplier access the documents.

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It always surprises me who small businesses buy their web & email hosting with.
In the last couple of weeks we have taken on the hosting of several small businesses, mainly because they either can’t get access to the pages to get them to change them, or even just not getting your emails, because they had 1 single email address being forward to their home email address.

It is important to show a business face to customers so your emails should come from your domain name (like and not from, of similar, because your emails are being forwarded in. Secondly if you have to have your emails forwarded in then at least make sure you can change this easily should you change your email address.

Likewise with your web pages, how easily can you update them?
They should be easily changed, and to be honest what you want when you get your website designed is to have a Content Management System (CMS) configured, so YOU can change your site.

This is what we have always offered customers, but for the last few months we have had a new service were we will convert your current website design to JOOMLA, we use Joomla as the CMS of Choice. This service cost from just £400, and we will even migrate your current site content into the new template. We can also design a new website template for you for a small additional charge.

All of our web hosting packages comes with POP3 email accounts, so even if you change your ISP your email will continue to work, and there is also free anti-spam on these accounts.

Surely this is how web hosting should be.

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Email is a critical form of communication for businesses.

However Email is not a guaranteed form of communication!

Just because you send an email and it departs your inbox, it doesn’t mean it is going to be delivered to the intended recipient. We are spending ages working for customers who want to make sure the email turns up.

But think about the pat the email takes, it may only take seconds or minutes, but it is a complex path.

  1. You type your email, and hit send
  2. it gets sent to your email server
  3. the server then checks where it has to go and sends it
  4. it wonders through the web to get to the recipients domain server.
  5. the recipients email server then checks who it is for, and sticks it in the correct mailbox

Now where could it go wrong? simply at every stage.

And something we have noticed recently even if the recipient receives the email, it doesn’t mean they are going to get it all. We send out all out invoices as PDF’s attached to an email.

All our emails are received but a couple of our regular customers either don’t receive the PDF or they can’t open the PDF. No reason why, but they can’t and so for those customers we either have to resend it, separately from the accounts package, or stick the invoice in the post.

A lot of the issues are almost certainly down to packages to try to stop SPAM, finally I will leave you with one piece of advice.

If it is an important email, send it but follow it up with a phone call to make sure it has been received.

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This is an add-in to Outlook (2003 & 2007) which makes the information within outlook that much more valuable. Even if you use it just to search your emails, you will see that it is faster and more useful (IMHO) than the outlook search.
It also provides a wealth of stats, the website calls it Email analytics giving you graphs, ranking, and statistics detailing how you and your contact use emails.
You can also navigate your email by people, and by doing this you can discover who your contacts know. This is such a useful feature as you can easily find someone who knows a way in to a business you may be trying to target.
You can schedule appointments, by 1 click, and view your emails as a threaded conversation, enabling you to read your emails in context.
You can view the attachments that have been sent. All contact details can be viewed in the side bar, and it also integrates with Linkedin and Facebook. Along with connections to Skype, and Yahoo Mail accounts.
Bill gates said it is the must have add in to outlook, and I say it is the way email should be.
It also connects into your Linkin account and Facebook, as well as Skype and you Yahoo Mail account.
If you want to make sense of your email go to and download and install this software

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Clean that SPAM

Well we have been busy building the website for out anti-spam/anti-virus email solution.
Although you can’t yet sign up on line we have created a website where you can see what it is, and how much it will cost you.

We choose to use a CMS for this site, and thought we would give Joomla a try. Partly because a customer uses it for their website, and partly just to check out how quickly we could build a useful site. It took just a couple of days to get most of the site done, and most of the work was finished within 7 days. All we have to do is to add keywords to the pages. If you want a site which includes management then give it a go. There are many add-ins, and templates, with a lot of them being free.

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