What are you missing

What are you missing

You’ve probably got here as your a small business searching Google for an answer to a Technology/IT issue!
What are you missing by DIY IT Support?
We firmly believe in letting people to do what they are good at, but as Technology has become more and more consumerised, people believe they should be able to buy something on line, and set it up and it will work.

And whilst it may be fun to waste your time when you are at home with this, and it doesn’t matter too much if it just kind of works, when it comes to your business things are different.  We recently took on a new customer who had sign a new contract, and part of that contract was to have an awful lot of new technology in place, not only that it had to configured correctly and had to be tested!  They weren’t 100% certain they could actually do it.

What was required wasn’t actually rocket science, it was fairly straight forward.  But for them it was something that was completely different, and they have certainly benefited from some of our hand holding.

So what did we do, we took a peer to peer network (that wasn’t working that well) and we replaced it with a server based network, we added Office 365 to it, for their email.  A Hosted Anti-Virus, and Hosted Back up Solution to it.  Lastly we added a security appliance to make sure the whole network was protected from attack, from the outside.

The installation took 1 day, although the entire network was pre-configured, actual disruption was down to only a couple of hours, whilst we transferred data on to the network.  We actually did a site visit the next day to see what issues they were having, so we could resolve them, they were actually having NO problems everything was working.

Would they have achieved this by DIY approach, well they could have, but what would it have cost them, in time? in lost productivity? And would the end result be as secure, and still be fully functioning?

I suspect not, in fact I would say our cost for the install was less than 20% what they would have lost in time/productivity, they just carried on doing what they are good at, and we did what we are good at.

Make Us your Technology Team because there is no I in Technology.

If you want to know more, or think we could help call 01752 546967 or email martin@limbtec.com

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I told you so

I hate to ba an I told you so, but it appears that I was right at the start of the year that a platform that would see a rise in attack profile, would be the Mac.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8096822.stm item about the latest threat.

Don’t leave it to chance, if you have a mac you are at risk, get some protection on it, and do it today.

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Nasty Worm

We have spent the vast majority of the last ten days cleaning up computers, from worm and viruses. Some have been the worm mentioned in the title above, linked from the BBC.

Simple steps to keep your computer secure.

  1. Ensure you patch your software, not only the Microsoft ones, but from any vendor.
  2. Make sure you have security software installed
  3. Make sure this software is up to date
  4. Ensure you carry out a full scan at least once a week
  5. Make sure your firewall is configured correctly and turned on

This will make it harder for any attack, What we find is often these threats come in through a Peer 2 Peer product (such as Limewire).

We are aiming to blog twice a week from now on, hopefully on Wednesday, and Sunday. But then again

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What’s next

OK not strictly technical, but thought I would share this publicly.

We have been approached by several local IT companies recently wanting to purchase our company.

Why have i decided to share this. Well firstly just to make sure there aren’t too much confusion. And secondly to reassure our customers.

I rejected both bids without any thought for 2 reasons
Firstly we are a family run company and for the foreseeable future this will continue, and secondly we focus on quality and not quantity. I’m not saying the companies involved do a bad job, but to extend their business they are looking for quantity and I firmly believe that quality will suffer.

We will be growing this year. But we are still weighing up our options. However we decide to grow we will not let quality suffer, and indeed will actually be looking to improve quality by growth.

I will be keeping you posted on this first here on the blog.

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Well, Vista was released to business last week. If you want to upgrade talk to us.

We are currently working on sorting out some demo evenings for early next year, more details will be published later.

Any system we ship from now and the release of Vista to the public will include a voucher to upgrade from windows XP to Windows Vista.

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Clean that SPAM

Well we have been busy building the website for out anti-spam/anti-virus email solution.
Although you can’t yet sign up on line we have created a website where you can see what it is, and how much it will cost you.

We choose to use a CMS for this site, and thought we would give Joomla a try. Partly because a customer uses it for their website, and partly just to check out how quickly we could build a useful site. It took just a couple of days to get most of the site done, and most of the work was finished within 7 days. All we have to do is to add keywords to the pages. If you want a site which includes management then give it a go. There are many add-ins, and templates, with a lot of them being free.

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