Happy Birthday to us!!

Today Limbtec is 12 years old, so we thought it would be good to see what was happening in 2002 when we started.

Operating Systems

Let’s start with Windows XP, when we started a new computing experience had just hit the streets, it was Windows XP, and it has lived as long as we have as a company.  Having said that most of our customers were still using

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT 4
We also had a few installs of Windows 95, and I do remembers looking at a Windows 3.11 system at some point, along with these we have also seen
Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
along with server 2003, 2008, 2012
This is without mentioning the work we have done on Mac both OS X, and it predecessor, and the few Linux/Unix issues we have dealt with.
Internet Connectivity

ADSL had really only just come out with blistering fast 2MB connections, although a lot of customers were dialing up (YES Really) on 56K connections, or maybe if they were a little posh might have an ISDN connection.  Currently sitting here on a FTTC connection at 76MB, having said that we also do far more online, not just with social media, but almost everything we do is reliant on an internet connection.
Servers had 10Gb or so of storage, and these we were replacing with servers with 40Gb of storage, now even the smallest of small business have 1TB of storage available to them, and probably even more than this
Although even small businesses had an advantage to having a Small Business Server, now a lot of these customers are using Office 365 and a nice fanless NAS box for on site document storage.
Backup of these were done by tape, DDS 4 or smaller, now for a lot of people the backup is done online into the cloud, and if it is an onsite storage it will more than likely be on to external drives.
Almost everyone had a crt screen (about 15″) sat on their desks, then LCD screens still around 15″, now we put out mostly 19 -21″ as standard and a lot of customers buying 24″ +.  Also seen the introduction of touch screens, which now with Windows 8 offers a new way of doing some tasks.
We have also said goodbye, to the floppy drive, and starting to see end of optical drives specially in mobile devices. Processors have become much faster, and with multiple cores, and memory, well that now comes in amounts never even dreamed of 12 years ago.
Now just wondering what the business IT environment will be in 12 years time?
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I told you so

I hate to ba an I told you so, but it appears that I was right at the start of the year that a platform that would see a rise in attack profile, would be the Mac.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8096822.stm item about the latest threat.

Don’t leave it to chance, if you have a mac you are at risk, get some protection on it, and do it today.

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Mac Security

Well, for those who have spoken to me in the last 4 months, I keep stating that the mass of macs out there is leading up to an attack in some way. Normally followed by ‘we use a mac we are secure’

Well try reading this blog post

Really, Macs are able to be breached. The time is nigh, honestly soon there will be an attack, or an outbreak that will hit the mac community. The point raised (the reason why Macs haven’t been attacked is it just isn’t worth it due to market share) in the article above are still valid but only just.

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DO Apple Macs ever need repairing

Do Macs ever need repairing? Well with the way Apple patrol Google Adwords, then no they don’t. I can’t display an ad which states the truth that We repair Mac’s.
As our Blog is on Blogger I suspect Google may withdraw this as well. But come on Apple, we look after many Macs, and have a speciality of getting them to work on Windows networks.

We are good at this, we are members of the Mac Technology Association. We care for the use of Mac’s.

Why can’t I use the term???

It maybe a trade mark, I’m not saying we are mac, or implying anything other than from time to time Mac’s may need to be repaired or updated, or maybe just integrated with the windows devices that are around. Let us advertise what we do, and Apple your machines do from time to time need sorting out.

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Mac and Linux Support

OK I know it’s been a while since I posted last, just been a little busy with business.

We have made a decision recently to add support of Mac’s and Linux to our portfolio. We have already gained several new customer who run Mac’s.

We have also extended the area we cover, to include Devon, Cornwall, and parts of Somerset. Our next change will be our long awaited move to the Airport Business Centre, along with changes to our websites.

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Ofcom – are they affective????

OK I have 2 issues with Ofcom guidance,
The first is in getting PAC’s
I want to change my mobile provider (please don’t contact us we have a deal all sorted)
However I contact Vodafone on Tursday afters (about 3 PM) to get a PAC (Porting Authorisation code) Friday just past noon, I got phone call from Vodafone wanting to know what they could do to get me to stay. Well you could give me what I have asked for, the change of the 2 handsets, and the new more expensive tarriff. At this point I will let you know that it isn’t that they won’t let me have the handset I want but the want me to pay £128 for it now, this is down from £300 in January for it.

As mentioned at £128 for 1 handset and the second lower spec at about £30 It old them I wasn’t interested, my new provider is giving me these for FREE.

It then took them another day to progress the PAC request. Guidance from the Ofcom website say that the pac should be able to be given within 48 hours of request (it does say this id during working days) However it took them 48 hours from my request to request the code. Apparently I will get a phone call from them tomorrow mornig with the codes (I’m not holding my breath here)

The second case is a MAC for Broadband change. This is for a customer as we resell, and this is our last account to move over to the new supplier. They had a request for a MAC and did not action it until the invoice was raised on this connection. Even though the guidance on this says they can’t hold back they are. I will post more on this once it is resolved, but as I am complaining tomorrow to Ofcom I don’t want to add to much more here.

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