Dirty tricks

We all know that being in Business at the moment is like riding a roller coaster without the safety harness. But a certain National chain of PC shops, is stooping to an all time low.

Yesterday a friend of mine who runs an IT Company over heard somebody in the Business Centre saying that Limbtec had gone bust, and a lot of our customers had been in their in the last couple of days.

Firstly most of my customers wouldn’t be seen dead in this store, but for them to just mention this regardless is just sickening. And until I can identify the person they can’t do anything.

Well I can, I can and will, and am going public on this. However for our customers and anyone looking for quality IT in and around Plymouth we are open for business, and are doing OK at the moment, (Looking at having one of our best ever months).

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Bad Ecommerce

Just completed our on line shopping at ASDA, logged in and reserved by delivery slot.

Completed the shopping, but my slot had vanished, it’s not before the cut of deadline of 5PM, and I haven’t gone over the 3 hour limit, I only takes us about 20 minutes to shop!

So what went wrong??

I don’t know, but if anyone from ASDA on line shop reads this perhaps they might wish to comment.

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