A Nasty little virus

So the latest Ransomware made the headlines over the weekend.
I missed it, as I was spending the weekend dealing with the aftermath of this.  This being the second time of dealing with this.

So what can you really do, well the article says don’t open attachments you aren’t expecting, or from unknown sources.

To be honest this is fine if it is your computer at home, but what do you do about computers at work.
Well there are some simple changes that can be made which stop any attachment from running.  In a work environment where people may not notice or maybe even care about the ramification of their actions!

Simply make some changes to either the local policy or group policy to prevent this the article (the best I could find) describing this, and the changes are at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com (Please note as I write this the article is currently down)

Of course if you have a good backup, just remove the virus, and carry a restore.  Any problem give us a call.

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What happens after the virus

So you had a virus!
Then you had it cleaned, but things aren’t as they seem?

It happens from time to time, firstly the only time we can guarantee the computer is virus free is when it leaves us before you connect it to the Internet or insert a disc! after this we can’t guarantee as these are roots of infection.

But sometimes we get even weirder replies, “you brought my computer back but it doesn’t connect to the Internet” was a recent one. Now i know it was connecting as one of the things we do after cleaning is connect it up and update the Anti-virus software. After a chat about a few other things it turned out that the customer had recently changed their Internet Service Provider, and was actually trying to connect through (what was now) a dead connection!

Either way we are always happy to help our customers reestablish their set up after an infection, or just give help during their normal day to day use of IT

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Nasty Worm

We have spent the vast majority of the last ten days cleaning up computers, from worm and viruses. Some have been the worm mentioned in the title above, linked from the BBC.

Simple steps to keep your computer secure.

  1. Ensure you patch your software, not only the Microsoft ones, but from any vendor.
  2. Make sure you have security software installed
  3. Make sure this software is up to date
  4. Ensure you carry out a full scan at least once a week
  5. Make sure your firewall is configured correctly and turned on

This will make it harder for any attack, What we find is often these threats come in through a Peer 2 Peer product (such as Limewire).

We are aiming to blog twice a week from now on, hopefully on Wednesday, and Sunday. But then again

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Dell – Love them or hate them

Well, we have had a large amount of Dell’s in recently either because of Hard Drive failures or due to heavy virus infections.

Some times Dell’s support of these customers is very good, other times it is very bad.

Still it means more work for us, and of course Customers may well then purchase their next Computer from us.

Still carrying out lots of wireless network set ups. Perhaps the industry needs to make it even easier, this is really something that should now just work.


Going back to Dell items above, if you have a computer which is connected to the Internet then make sure you have Anti-Virus, or even better an Internet Security Package.
Otherwise you may well end up losing your data.

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