Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy with lots of things.
Data Recovery – lot of these happening. A word of warning do not keep your data, on a removable drive alone. We have had lots of these coming in after being dropped, and 20% or so of these had no data to be recovered. If you are short of drive space, get a bigger or another hard drive put into your computer. Keep the external drive for either transporting the data or to back up your data.

If you have Windows Vista, then it so easy to backup this way.

Rise in Spam, and Viruses

We’ve seen a rapid rise in the amount of SPAM in recent weeks, mostly phising emails, but also a rise in emails containing viruses. We have also seen a rise in infected Computers. Amazing how many people don’t have a proper anti-virus. You really need to make sure your computers are protected.
Also make sure your Firewall is in place and active, block every port you don’t need.

People are out there at the moment, and they are trying to make money by accessing peoples data.

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Busy Times

Well, it has been a month and half since our last post, and lots have happened since then.

Firstly, New Services –
We can now do Mobile Communications and 3G Data Connectivity, along with now doing telecommunications, we can now offer all of your Connectivity, and Communications. Along with your IT infrastructure.

Secondly, New products –
We are now able to offer INVU document management. This is something we have been working on for about 15 months, but have now tied down the right deal.

On top of this we have been carrying a varied range of activities, new Hardware/Software, Networks, both cabled and wireless, in some really strange place and using innovative methods.

Read recently Microsoft, asked (Windows XP) customer to take a look at a new Operating System, they were shown how to do some of the every day tasks. And then asked to rate the system, of which a high percentage thought it was great, and a high number about 80% wanted to get hold of it. Then they were asked their views of Vista, many of which were negative.
Then they were told that the new OS they were using was actually Windows Vista.

This confirms our view that there really wasn’t anything wrong with Vista, but it is a new interface, and customers need some training on it to get the most out of it.


We have posted two new newsletters, why not subscribe at www.limbtec.co.uk/mailinglist

Well we hope to post more regularly, but for now that is it.

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Windows Vista & Windows Mobile

So you have a nice shiney new computer with Windows Vista. You also have a Windows Mobile device, how do you get them talking.

You will need to download and install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Windows Vista
You may also need to open TCP port 5721 to allow the device to sync.

Then it should all work.

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Well, Vista was released to business last week. If you want to upgrade talk to us.

We are currently working on sorting out some demo evenings for early next year, more details will be published later.

Any system we ship from now and the release of Vista to the public will include a voucher to upgrade from windows XP to Windows Vista.

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