General Bits and Bobs.

WOW, we’ve been so busy it is almost 2 months since I managed to post.

Lots have been happening here. We are in the process of migrating from one on-line backup provider to another. This would give you 10Gb of online storage for just £10 + VAT per month.

We have also installed our first hosted PBX, this is an addition to our range of Voice over IP (VoIP) or telephones over the Internet (Which i think for most people is a better term). This gives a full PBX functionality with out the upfront cost of the hardware to host the Phone System on.

On the Home user front we have seen another rise in the Hoax Security Software infection. If you get a pop up that is not your Anti-Virus telling you it has detected this many errors, don’t click on the offer to clean it up, or purchase the product. Speak to someone, who knows.

Laptop repairs are still going strong, particularly screen replacements, we aren’t the cheapest around, but all work is carried out in Plymouth, and we come and pick up your laptop and drop it back to you. This saves you tie and effort, and well worth the small amount extra we charge for the work.

Well Spring has Sprung, and the election is upon us, I am sat here now enjoying the warmth of the sun streaming through the office windows.
I’m off to drive around Plymouth all morning. Will post again shortly, and well before the 2 month period.

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Extra Tax to have a phone line

So the UK Government announced a plan yesterday to charge an extra tax to have a phone line, to help cover the cost of the move over to fibre. This is to enable the 15% of the population who can’t get over 2Mbps, and to move us up the League table (we are currently 7th) and to get to the top we need to get 100Mbps to the majority of the population. And simply with this plan it isn’t going to happen!

Some of this money is also going to help fund regional news programmes on the Commercial Channel, and to my mind the key word here is Commercial, if it isn’t commercially viable then it can’t be run as a commercial concern and should be run as not for porfit community interest companies.

For me I will in the coming months look at what we have both personally and commercially in the way of phone lines, and we will reduce these lines by about 50%, I would urge everyone home users. or businesses to consider the line you have, and consider using the very thing that this is designed to improve, your broadband connection and use VoIP (Voice over IP)

Certainly the days of homes getting extra lines installed, just to have more than 1 phone line due to kids usign are gone. And remember this tax will be here to stay.

Personally I would perfer for the backbone to sold off from BT and sold to a commercial company to be run as a commercial concern, this may mean a slight increase in Broadband charges, but then at least those of us who use the net to extremes will be paying for it instead of evreyone paying for it regardless of your internet usage.

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