Cisco Meraki

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Limbtec have partnered with IT technology provider Cisco Meraki to provide businesses like yours with access to a wide range of network devices and other products.

Cisco Meraki solutions include powerful and user-friendly devices and software for the centralised management of corporate networks.

Simplifying Your Cloud Networking

As business IT networks expand over time and across sites they become increasingly complex. This takes time and expertise to manage in-house, pushing IT management costs up.

Cisco Meraki’s dedicated cloud management devices and applications are designed to simplify the centralised management of your growing IT network, no matter how big or complicated it gets.

Specially built for cloud management, these products replace the need for controller appliances and overlay management software which cuts down on installation and maintenance costs.

Fast and Simple Deployment

As industry leaders in the cloud management field, Cisco Meraki have created centralised cloud management products that are ready to install ‘out-of-the-box.’ In fact, sometimes new devices can be racked up and ready to use in minutes.
Cisco Meraki products are compatible with existing desktop and mobile operating systems (e.g. Windows, MacOS, iOS, etc.) and do not require a separate proprietary command-line interface (CLI).

Intuitive User Dashboard

Cisco Meraki centralised cloud management software requires no specialised training to use or install and your IT team can be confidently benefiting from it in next to no time. All network management functions are carried out via an intuitive, feature-rich dashboard which includes remote diagnostics (for smart troubleshooting), real-time traffic monitoring, in-depth reporting and much more.
Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based centralised management platform is able to collect and analyse connected device and app data, enabling very detailed analysis of network performance.

For more detailed information about the Cisco Meraki range of products, please call Limbtec on 01752 546967 or visit the Cisko Meraki website