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Malware in the Cloud and Computer Security

The risks and what you can do about them

According to research conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum, 88% of companies have now adopted some form of cloud computing.

What’s cloud computing? It’s where you use software in your browser, rather than having to download it to your computer.

In lots of ways, the increase in use of cloud computing is a wonderful thing.

The many benefits of moving to the cloud have been well documented. From flexibility and convenience to reduced downtime and huge cost savings, it’s easy to see why so many businesses have taken the plunge.

But as is often the way with the good stuff in life, there are downsides too. The explosive growth of cloud computing has opened the door to a host of cyber attackers, waiting in the wings to capitalise on the inexperience of business owners.

One of their favourite ways in is through malware; a malicious form of software with the power to spread through computer systems like a forest fire.

You have to protect yourself, by using good Computer Security Products

It’s often hard to imagine how a computer virus spreads because to most (normal!) non-techy people it’s a completely abstract concept. So, in order to really understand the threat, think of it like a physical disease. Even if you’re fastidiously clean and eat a healthy diet, sitting in a room full of people with runny noses and hacking coughs puts you at risk of catching a cold too.

HOW ( and Why use our computer security products)

With bullet proof security that’s constantly protecting you in the background, so you don’t have to think about it.

That means constantly monitoring all devices, checking things are working smoothly round the clock and adding another layer of protection. So if a new sneaky virus does manage to break through the barriers you can keep it contained.

For more information download our guide.

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