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Computer Hardware

Limbtec can supply your business with all of the computer hardware it needs at the best prices. This includes the servers, computers and laptops themselves; individual components (memory, disk drives, motherboards, graphics cards, cables etc.) and peripherals (printers, keyboards, monitors, etc.)

We also offer a full range of hardware-related services to help ensure your in-house IT is up to the job and that your business is compliant with data protection regulations.

PCs, Laptops and Servers ( Computer Hardware )

Hardware does the heavy lifting of your business IT systems so it is important that your servers, desktop computers (PCs) and laptops are of enterprise-grade quality. Limbtec can source any piece of computing equipment you need, matching it to your business demands to ensure it can cope both now and into the near future.

If you need to replace or upgrade internal components, you will usually find what you need through our online shop. However, if you can’t find what you need or require specialist advice, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 01752 546967.

At the end of their lives, it is vital that computers are wiped of their sensitive business data to remain compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. Limbtec can securely erase all data and legally dispose of the equipment for extra peace of mind.

Peripherals ( Computer Hardware )

Peripherals include anything that is connected to a computer or similar device. Depending on your business and network set up, you are likely to need equipment such as routers, monitors, wired or wireless printers, scanners, cameras and input devices (keyboards, mouses, etc.)
Again, we can source and supply all you need via our online shop but please call us if you need further help.

Cloud Hardware

As we are now in the age of ‘cloud computing’ the distinction between hardware and software is becoming less well-defined. Businesses ‘in the cloud’ need to be able to easily manage their applications and services with the confidence that their on-site equipment is up to the job.

If you are running a fully or partly cloud-based network, you will need specialist physical devices for cloud management, security and other functions. Limbtec can supply a range of Cisko Meraki cloud products which combine high quality hardware design with intuitive software applications.

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