Server & Network Monitoring

To get the most out of your investment, you will need your server to be running in top condition.

Limbtec offers remote server monitoring, this can either be built into any support agreement, or as a stand alone option at £30 per month. For a FREE 30 Day Trial call 01752 546967

We monitor many aspects of the server (Hard Drive, CPU & memory usage, Anti Virus Updates, Backup Issues), and will either inform you of problems, or will fix problems remotely depending on the support agreement in place.




We can now monitor your desktops as well

For £1 per computer per month we can monitor, your hard drive space, the event logs, your window services 24×7 as well as daily checks of your anti-virus to ensure it is up to date, a Hacker check to make sure your computer hasn’t been hacked.

For £2 per computer per month we will add to this automated tasks so we can schedule deletion of temporary files, and to clear down your log files. Along with De-fragmenting your hard drives, and much more.

We will also do a vulnerability scan and manage your patches. Not only the window patches but others such as Adobe, Firefox etc.

We will also id required deploy a remote access client to allow us to remote in and resolve issues (as long as team viewer isn’t already deployed)

If you have a fixed price contract for PC Support this will be included, the price does not include any work required to fix any issues shown on the monitoring.