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Office 365

Are you interested in signing up for an Office 365 subscription? We get a number of calls asking us about this option and it is certainly something we can set up for you.

However, Office 365 includes a vast number of applications and services and it is worth understanding exactly what you are looking for from the service before asking us to deploy it for you.

Understanding Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based package offering a wide range of IT services for business and education users. These include:

There are various price plans on offer and it is important to choose the right subscription to ensure you have access to all the services you need without wasting money on those you don’t.

What do you Need From Office 365?

To ensure your Office 365 set up is right for you, we need to know exactly what you need from the service.
For example, will you need to:

Often, the answer is a combination of the above.

By understanding your business goals, we can best advise you on which Office 365 package is best for you.

How Long Does it Take to set up Office 365?

The length of time it will take us to implement your Office 365 package will depend on which services you are taking.

For example, it will usually only take a few minutes to set up applications such as Word or Excel while setting up email or migrating data to use SharePoint and OneDrive will take a lot longer to design and implement.

Once we know exactly which services you intend to take, we can give you an accurate estimate of timescale.

Free Secure Score Service

With cyberattacks an ever-present risk to enterprises of all sizes, keeping your networks secure has never been so important. When we deploy your Office 365 services, we will automatically run Secure Score. This is a free Microsoft security tool which looks at all of the services you use and assigns you a numerical score together with a list of recommended actions to help you increase that number. We can monitor your Secure Score monthly as an additional service.

To find out more about Office 365 and other software packages Limbtec can provide, please call us on 01752 546967 or complete our contact form.

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