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Whether you are looking for traditional corded desk phones or the latest in smart VoIP-enabled smart video phones, Limbtec can provide you with what you need at a competitive price.

We can also help you to install the most efficient telephony system for your business, including providing advanced PBX technology or setting up a hosted VoIP service.

Desk Phones, Cordless Phones and Smart Handsets

As telephone and internet services continue to come together, businesses now face an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to choosing phones for their premises.

To make things simpler, most telephony devices can be divided into desk phones, cordless phones and smart handsets.desk phone

Desk phones are preferred by many businesses for their simplicity, reliability, sound quality and robust business-friendly features. Although a physical corded connection is less important today, having at least one desk phone can ensure a point of contact should WiFi be unavailable.

DECT cordless handsets are more flexible than desk phones, giving employees the freedom to leave their desks. Limbtec can help you to choose a cordless handset with the ideal signal range, battery capacity and user features you need.

Smart handsets bridge the gap between traditional cordless phones and smartphones. They are more expensive than other devices but can save you money through apps designed for making free internet calls. Smart handsets also come packed with features and can be used as video phones.

If you need help deciding what type of phone is right for you, Limbtec can go through the options with your interests in mind, ensuring you make the best business decision.

Telephone Exchange Options

Limbtec can also provide a number of options for connecting your business to the telephony system. Whether you need simple PSTN (analogue) or ISDN (digital) lines for voice calls or ADSL and mobile broadband access, we can help get you connected.

We can also help you to set up a private on-premises or hosted exchange.

A private branch exchange (PBX) enables employees to make free internal calls on a private business line while also connecting to external lines, including broadband lines for ‘voice over internet’ (VoIP) calls.

PBX systems can also include useful business features such as voicemail, call recording and interactive voice menus.

Hosted VoIP services enable businesses to save money using internet calls without the hardware and management costs associated with an in-house exchange. Monthly service charges are paid in advance with calls charged in arrears on a single bill.

Low Cost Phone and Broadband Connections

Limbtec can also cut your monthly phone and internet bills through a range of low cost line tariffs. We have access to special offers which allow us to offer better call rates than many of our competitors.

To find out more about Limbtec phones and connection services, please fill out our contact form or call us on 01752 546967



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