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Limbtec offers several options for integrating VoIP telephone technology into your business including VoIP hosting and connecting VoIP to your branch exchange.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol.’ This technology uses a broadband internet connection to transmit and receive voice data enabling telephone calls to be made over the internet.

What are the Benefits of VoIP?

VoIP calls are often free or very low cost. This is because voice data is no different to any other digital data you pay for in your monthly broadband costs.

VoIP calls can be made to and received from any telephone on any type of telephone network. The connection quality is comparable to any other type of phone call.

Ordinary telephones deskphonecan be converted into VoIP phones using a VoIP adaptor. Alternatively, VoIP phones are available.

VoIP services are competitive and offer business-friendly features such as on-hold music, call divert and voicemail-to-email.

VoIP Options for your Business

To enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of internet calls without the hassle of setting up and maintaining equipment, Limbtec offer a hosted VoIP service.

If you prefer to add VoIP capability to your existing telephone network, Limbtec can set up or extend a VoIP PBX (private branch exchange) system at your premises.

In both cases, you will receive a single monthly bill made up from an advance service charge and calls, charged in arrears.

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For more about VoIP and the services Limbtec can provide for your business, please fill out our contact form or call us on 01752 546967

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