Cyber Security

Everything we do here at Limbtec is done in a secure manner, it always has been. We firmly believe that if as an industry we had focused more on security in recent years it wouldn’t have become the massive problem it is.

Over the last 12 months or so, we have been laser focused on cyber security and how we can make it really difficult for the cyber-criminals to attack our clients.

Now the first warning is, whilst we have made every effort to keep it as cost effective for our customers as possible, cyber security doesn’t come cheap! However, we have come up with some wonderful tools to help keep our customers of all sizes safe and secure, and if the bad actors do get in, to minimise the risks of what they are able to achieve.

What we are doing?

All of this is bundled in to our 2024 packages or available as separate items.  We have looked at the whole of this and believe that some of the best protection is already in place.  We are talking about your staff, the people using the system day in day out, however they need to be trained on what to look out for.

Cyber Security

Next is to reinforce this by making sure that no one has permissions to do stuff they shouldn’t, this will also restrict what an attacker could do if they get in.

To help with this we have partnered with Threatlocker, which is a great platform, and enables us to lock everything down for you, whilst allowing you to request items are allowed through.

On top of this we also try and ensure that people can’t get to the bad stuff online in the first place.

Lastly, we monitor the Dark Web for possible breeches, and include Backup, so if anything did manage to breech the security then we know we have good working backups to restore from.

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