Computer Software in Plymouth

Limbtec can supply your business with all of its software needs from the latest Windows operating systems and business applications to enterprise-grade security software.

We can also check you have all the relevant software licences in place – now and into the future.

Operating Systems and Business Computer Software in Plymouth

All desktop, laptop and mobile devices require an operating system (OS) in order to carry out their many business functions. Most new PCs will come with the latest version of either Windows or MacOS pre-installed but older machines may need to be upgraded. You may also want to change to a different OS for a specific reason.

In either case, Limbtec can provide you with up-to-date, fully licensed copies of the operating system software for all of your devices.

We can also supply you with industry-standard business application software, including versatile office suites such as Microsoft Office 365. As Authorised Education Resellers for Microsoft, we are well-placed to help schools, colleges and other educational institutions to access discounted software packages.

If you are unsure about which operating system or application software you need, one of our helpful advisors will be happy to direct you.

Computer Security Software and System Protection in Plymouth

Cybercrime is a huge and growing issue for businesses of all sizes and malware (harmful software) can damage computer systems, steal sensitive data and even extort ransom money.
To help protect your business from this threat, Limbtec can offer a range of security software including anti-virus, personal firewalls and virtual private network (VPN) software. We can also provide hosted security options for scalable and hassle-free protection.

Licensing Audit – Are you Compliant?

Running unlicensed software on your computer devices can lead to legal action and can even put you at risk of viruses or other malware.

Software licensing can be a minefield and it is easy to inadvertently install unlicensed copies or allow licences to expire.

Limbtec’s Asset Management Audit service can help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises by checking your current software licences and carrying out scheduled audits to ensure you remain compliant into the future.

Every business needs authentic, licensed, enterprise-grade software for optimal performance and protection of its desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Limbtec have the experience and knowhow to deliver this.

If you have any problems please call 01752 546967 or complete our contact us form.