Web Hosting Basic

Web Hosting – Basic Package

Our basic package will give you all you need to get your website up and running, even if you are going to have a dynamic website and require SQL databases.  If you need extra just ask us, we can either bolt on extras, or we can upgrade your account.

Basic Web Hosting Packages

Basic Hosting
Annual Cost (excluding VAT)£35.00
Annual Cost (including VAT)£42.00
Basic Features
Same Day Set UpFREE
Disk Space1 GB
FTP Accounts2
Monthly Bandwidth Allowance2 Gb
BackupsWe perform daily backups of our clients websites to prevent the loss of data. We keep three levels of backup for your account, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month
E-mail Management Tools
POP 3 Email AccountsCreate your own E-mail accounts (up to 10)
WebmailAccess your POP 3 E-mail accounts through your web browser
Catch-All E-mail BoxSend all un-routed email to a selected E-mail account or reject it
E-mail Forwardingsetup E-mail forwarders
Auto RespondersYou can send a pre-defined response automatically
Spam FilteringUse SPAM Assassin to help cut down the SPAM sent to your inbox.
Mailing Lists2 Mailing Lists included for newsletters etc.
Site Management Tools
Control PanelPowerful Control Panel for YOU to manage your hosting account
MySQL DB – PHP MyAdmin2 MySQL database, and PHP MyAdmin to manage your MySQL database
File ManagerUpload and Edit your files through our online file manager
Sub DomainsUp to 4 Sub Domains (eg http://subdomain.yourdomain.com)
Unlimited Password Protection
Use Web Protect to password protect folders in your website.
Custom Error PagesCustomise your error pages, 401, 403, 404 and 500
CRON JobsAutomate tasks with CRON jobs
HotLink ProtectionStop people from linking your images to their websites
Analysis & Statistics
Website StatisticsView detailed statistics about your website
Raw Access LogsDownload your website raw access logs
Error LogCheck the error log to help find errors with your website
Pre-Installed Scripts
InstallatronInstall over 30 applications with a single mouse click
Supported Scripting & Software
Server Side IncludesServer Side Includes (SSI) are supported
CGI Scripting PerlFull Support for Perl 5 Scripting
PHPFull support for PHP5 & 7 scripting

To arrange hosting or Domain name registration please phone 01752 546967, and we will get your account set up the same day.