Hacking Video’s

We’ve been working with an ethical hacker to enable us to have these 3 video’s produced.  They each explore a different type of hack, and enable you to see what happens not only on your screen, but also what the hacker is doing in the background.

If you have any questions about this please either call 01752 546967, or email info@limbtec.com

Email Ransomware Attack

In this video we explorer what happens during a crypto lock style attack.  This is a relatively common attack, and can be utterly devastating to your business.

Man in the middle attack

In this video we see what happens in another common attack.  This time the attacker is after your password by tricking you into entering it in to a portal.

Eternal Blue

In this hack, a missing security patch enables the hacker to gain access to your login usernames and passwords.

What to do?

These examples show you how easy it can be to attack your computer systems.  This is why it is important to make sure you keep your computers up to date with the security patches.  The examples that start from an email are also a good indication of what to look for, unfortunately to many people will just click on the links regardless, specially if they are being rushed.

Please remember to make sure you also have  a good base line of security software installed, and back up your files.