Hosted Services

Hosted Services

Limbtec currently provides 5 types of hosted service.

Hosted Email – We have a range of hosted email services, the technology at it’s core is a hosted Microsoft Exchange server. It will enable you for a monthly fee use all of the functionality offered when you mix Exchange and Outlook in a business environment.

Hosted Backup – Do you back up your data? is it stored remotely and securely? If not then this is the solution for you.

Hosted Anti-SPAM – Do you receive lots of SPAM? Is it too much to handle? Our hosted anti-SPAM solution is safe and secure and best of all you don’t even need to download the spam email.

Website – Yes we also host websites. A full range of packages are available or if you have something different in mind we will also be able to accommodate that.

Telephony – We have a range of telephony solutions either over the internet, or by normal telephone lines. If you are a larger company then please still get in touch, as we work with a local provider who are telecoms specialists.

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