Tech Update

Weekly Tech Update

We produce a weekly technical update video. I have left the TechTip videos here for reference. If you see anything that you want more information about, or help in implementing anything then call us on 01752 546867.

Employee Cyber security Awarness

How can Cyber Security Awareness training of staff help keep your business safe. That’s the subject we tackle in this weeks video

Co-Pilot in Teams

Team now has Co-Pilot, see what it can do in this video.

Cyber Security

We explore some simple things that can be done to enhance your cyber security.

Biometric Security

This week we look at why we are still so tied to our passwords.

Avoid Pop ups, when using Teams

There is a new feature coming that may help avoid those embarassing moments when something pops up.

Battery Health

In this video we help you look after your lpatop battery

Password Managers – Why you need one.

25% of people is suffering from password burnout! Find out more in this video.

Cyber Security Training

Is annual training enough? Find out more in this video.

Co-Pilot in teams

Teams is getting CoPilot to make it even better find out more in this video.


Malware is getting worse, we dig in to this in this weeks video

Latest Phishing methods

Phishing has changed, hear about the latest changes and what you can do about it.

Wifi 7

New super fast wifi, but will it be a benifit to you?

Cyber Breeches are getting faster

Cyber Security brreches are getting faster, bFind out what you need to do?

Tech Audit

Microsoft are making some changes with the latest updates, but do you need a tech audit?

Should you pay the ransomware Bill?

We explore the benifits and pitfalls in this weeks video.

Do you want to use AI in your business

We explore the benifits and pitfalls in this weeks video.

Is your business too small to be cyber attacked?

NO business is to small, we explain this this weeks video.

Edge Browser Update

The edge browser is getting a new feature, we explore what it has to offer in this weeks video.

Windows 11 Last Moments Update

The last windows 11 Moments update is due for release soon, we explore what it has to offer in this weeks video.

Windows 10 Updates

In October 2025 Windows 10 goes end of Life and Microsoft are planning to charge for any updates, we explore your options in the video.

Are you ready for next-gen email security? (YES!)

Google are releasing some some new features to help with email security learn more in the video

Video Meeting stress!

This is becoming a real problem, learn more in the video


Co-Creator is live learn more in the video

Chrome Extensions

The Chrome Store has had a bit of a make over, we explain more in the video.

App Overload

Are you suffering from App overload? Find out what you can do about it.

What is Microsoft Co Pilot

What is Co Pilot from Microsoft find out more by watching the video!

Staff Security

Here at Limbtec we are firm believers that security starts with your staff.

Passkeys are here

Passkeys are here, time to say goodbye to passwords?!

Teams Update!

The teams app has had a makeover, we cover what this means in this weeks video

Windows 11 is getting better!

Windows 11 is getting some updates to it built in tools, we explore this in the video.

What is phishing!

This weeks video explains what phishing is, and what it may do!


Want to know what you can do with AI to help you?

Free VPN?

More people are using VPN’s than ever before, but is using a FREE VPN a good idea?

The Ultimate Browser

Microsoft are goiing to launch a new version of thier web browser, more details watch the video.

Data Destruction

If you are getting rid of a device, then make sure you clear the drive of data, more in the video.

Microsoft Authenticator Number Match

If you use the Microsoft Authenticator you may have recently seen a change when using it with Microsoft 365, find out more in this video.

Advantages of moving to the cloud

There are many advantages of moving to the cloud, but have you considered the green reasons?

Charger Jacking

In this video we explore the issue of having your device jacked whilst charging it.

Windows 12

Windows 12 is coming soon, find out more this week.

Use of AI in Scams

The scammers are using AI to make their campaigns more effective, find out more this week.

3 Essential Security Tools.

What are the 3 must have security tools for your business?

What about the bad bots!

This week we look at the Bad bots out there.

Mobile Phone Security

Is your phone secure?

Is your Cyber Security Enough?

The days, of anti-virus protection being enough are long gone!  Check out this weeks video to see why.

Technology Health Check

This week we look at why an annual technology health check is a good idea.

Is that the right Download?

In this week’s video we explore the risks of downloading software.

Notification Spam, is Google about to help us all!

Google are working on a new feature to help block Notification Spam. For details watch this.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is an horrific crime, If you don’t want to be a victim watch this

Microsoft Email Blocking

Microsoft blocked more than 35.7 billion malicious emails last year. It also blocked 25.6 billion attempts to compromise accounts. The best way to prevent this is Multi Factor Authentication.

Data Breaches will lose you clients

Trust is important in business, but building this trust can take some time. But you can lose it all in the blink of an eye. Specially after a cyber security breach?
Our latest video explores this topic.

How to spot the early signs of a data breach. And limit the fallout

A data breach is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to your business. The financial and reputational impact can be enormous.

Here’s how to spot the early signs of a breach… and what to do if you suspect a cyber-criminal is in your network.

Why you need a business continuity plan

Today’s technology is pretty much critical to all businesses…….

But it is continually under attack!

How long could you survive without your Data, or even internet access?  A Day? A Week? longer??

In our new video we explore how easily “Business as Usual” canbe disrupted, and why we all need to plan for this.

Your business can get hacked no matter what the size!

Cyber Attacks are huge problem for businesses of all size, even when they don’t make the news.

Because hackers use clever automated tools that hunt out any opportunity for them, anywhere, every small business is at risk

In our new video, we tell you about one of the biggest causes of data security breaches… and how to protect your business.

There is one thing which prevents 99% of hack attempts

Hackers use clever automated tools to hack into any business.
There is good news. One simple security method has been shown to be 99% effective. Find out what it is in this week’s video.