Hosted Backup

Limbtec Online Backup

Data is critical to every business, do you back yours up?

If you do, where do you keep your backup copies. In the floods of 2007 in England. Small businesses that were affected, over 70% went out of business.  Either because they did not have a back up or the back up was in the same location as the Computer with the original data on.

Why not use your internet connection to back up to a remote location. You can then easily retrieve the data at a later time, when needed.

A number of companies offer this, but we manage this process and if your back up doesn’t happen for a few days, or your approaching your limit, we will let you know, and help you resolve the situation.

How does this work ?

We will install and configure a piece of software on your computer or server, and the backups, and restores are managed from here.

If you are using a server, with Exchange or SQL on it, we can install a ‘Plug-In’ which will enable the backup of the data within Exchange or SQL.

How much does it cost ?

Essentially it cost just £1 per Gb of storage, going down to £0.50 per Gb the more you store.

How many ways could your data be at risk?

Watch this video to see how many ways 1 person could destroy your data.

I just think this video is so funny, but any of these could happen, and although I have never seen them all happen to a single customer I have seen these issues happen.