Hosted Services

Hosted Services (Cloud Computing)

Hosted services cover a range of outsourced business functions which are provided as a service. The infrastructure is maintained by the provider in a data centre or other remote location.

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Limbtec offers five different hosted services:

Limbtec Hosted Services (Cloud Computing)

Hosted email. Running and maintaining an on-site email server like Microsoft Exchange Server costs a lot of money. Limbtec offer a range of MS Exchange-based email services for a monthly fee.

With Limbtec hosted email you can access Microsoft Exchange and Outlook services for your business without the hassle and cost of running the server equipment.

Hosted backup. What would happen to your important and sensitive data if your business premises were damaged by fire or flood or your computer systems were corrupted or stolen?

Unless your business and customer data has been backed up and stored securely and remotely, you could be in trouble.

With Limbtec’s hosted backup service you can restore the data from an offsite storage site as soon as your operation is back up and running.

Hosted anti-spam. Spam emails are not only an annoyance and inconvenience, they are a common source of malware. If a member of staff should accidentally click on a phishing email, your business could even be held to ransom by hackers.

Limbtec offer the ideal solution. With hosted ant-spam, you won’t even see rogue emails as they are remotely detected and stopped before being downloaded to your computers.

Web hosting Did you know that you don’t always have to accept your web developer’s hosting plan? Hosting your website with a third party can be more flexible and cost-effective. Talk to Limbtec about our range of hosting plans. We can even creates something bespoke if you have specific needs.

Hosted internet calls. Technically known as hosted VoIP, this service enables you to make low cost calls over the internet without the cost and hassle of installing and managing hardware.

For more information about any of our hosted services, please contact us on 01752 546967