Anti Spam

Hosted Anti-SPAM

We all get SPAM, but some of us get more than others.

Limbtec has a hosted solution, which works really efficiently at removing the SPAM, from your email. And because we clean your email before you receive it, you don’t even have to download loads of junk email.

The system can work with either POP3,IMAP, or SMTP. This means it will work with your email client however you receive email.


We can deliver the email to our servers, by either helping you configure your domain to deliver your email there, or we can ‘Fetch Mail’, which connects just like your email client would. In both case your mail client will need to be reconfigured to retrieve your email from our servers.  POP3 prices start at just 80P a month, IMAP prices start at £1.20 per month.


Just change your domain to deliver mail to our servers, and then we will push the clean email to your email server. The delay is seconds, and in that time your email is cleaned.

What happens if your ADSL line stops working. With our solution the email is stored on our server, and then delivered when the connection is back up.

Prices start from £12 for 1-5 mailboxes per month.

Please contact us for more information.