Security – Always a concern

So there has been a lot of rumblings over the weekend over security.
This was after it was announced that there is a Russian website with links to numerous webcams. mostly in the USA, more details of what has happened is on the BBC news channel

What can you do?

When ever you get a new piece of tech, that connects to the internet change the default password.  This has been advice we have issues for years, but whatever you connect, Router, printer, camera, phone, change the password.
Recently I moved my home Broadband connection to SKY (well it was free) and we only really use it to download to the sky box!, but this router came with a random set password, but still the first thing I did, even before it went online was to change this password.

Tip number 2, don’t set all the passwords the same, just in case someone actually accesses your router.

Of course it isn’t rocket science to have the kit to ask you to change your password as the first thing it does when you connect to it. However I do wonder how many people would actually then set a password, or accept a default one, to save time, when all you want to do is play with your latest toy!

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Dell – Love them or hate them

Well, we have had a large amount of Dell’s in recently either because of Hard Drive failures or due to heavy virus infections.

Some times Dell’s support of these customers is very good, other times it is very bad.

Still it means more work for us, and of course Customers may well then purchase their next Computer from us.

Still carrying out lots of wireless network set ups. Perhaps the industry needs to make it even easier, this is really something that should now just work.


Going back to Dell items above, if you have a computer which is connected to the Internet then make sure you have Anti-Virus, or even better an Internet Security Package.
Otherwise you may well end up losing your data.

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Windows Vista & Windows Mobile

So you have a nice shiney new computer with Windows Vista. You also have a Windows Mobile device, how do you get them talking.

You will need to download and install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Windows Vista
You may also need to open TCP port 5721 to allow the device to sync.

Then it should all work.

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