Been a while

Well it’s been over a month since our last post, as we have been very busy, but have still managed to find time to post on twitter. Well lots been going on.

Laptop Repairs
We have been doing lots of laptop repairs including screen replacements, and replacement DC Jacks. We have also been told by our screen supplier that the prices will be rising, and they are already on the way up, an 8.9″ screen we did recently had increased by over £15!

Data Recoveries
Also doing a lot of data recoveries, both physical, and logical. It is always better to have a copy of your data, than relying on it being recoverable. It might just no be recoverable.

Business Support Contracts
This has been growing rapidly, with a whole lot of new business support customers.

Coming Soon
Microsoft will be launching Windows 7 on us next week (22/10/09) We have been running it on some of our desktops for a month for so now. It was a little bit difficult to begin with, as we had issues with some of the drivers, but the platform has been stable for about 3 weeks now.

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The last post was not strictly true

The last post was not strictly true, it wasn’t a busy week, the week was bonkers.

Laptop Screens – we ended up repairing about 10 laptops.
Top Tips on looking after your screens

  1. These are fragile items, so don’t pick your laptop up by the screen, the weight of the laptop maybe enough to break the screen.
  2. Don’t leave it lying around someone will either standa on it or drop somethign on it, and again this will break the screen
  3. Don’t hit it in rage, this will break the screen
  4. Do clean it with a wipe.
  5. Do use a proper laptop case to keep it in – these normally provide some protection.

If it does break, you are going to have to have it replaced, although normally covered on insurance it may not be worth claiming, a 14.4″ Wide Screen will cost you £120 from us, that is fully fitted and includes the VAT. Smaller screens (Netbooks) will cost from £70, larger screens upto £170.

Also had to deal with the normal, day to day management of our business customers, along with some replacement motherboards.


I think I want to have a quiet week next week, but the truth is we already have a lot of work booked in, and this will grow throughout the week, still hopefully we should get the Job Ad placed next week for an IT Technician to join the team.

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More Busy Days

Site Survey Completed, start work at new customers site on Friday, get the issues resolved. And ahve another HAPPY Customer.

Also Completed the Logical Data Recovery last night, recovered the 60Gb of data that had been deleted. More intriguing is why this happened in the first place. The customer was cleaning up the hard drive using the windows tools. However the laptop had, had windows reinstalled by another Computer repair provider in Plymouth. Now instead of carrying out a windows repair they had reinstalled windows, and had left all of the users data in the old folder. Windows believing the ‘Windows.old’ folder was surplus to requirements just deleted it.

Although we can’t name the company in question we probably get at least 2-4 machines in every month after they have had their hands on it, and caused a whole lot of issues.

Essentially another site survey to complete today, as we carry out a pre-installation checks for a customer who is getting a new Line of Business App installed in the next month or so. And some more pick ups.

Will try and get the last couple of pages uploaded for our web hosting customer. Kind of chuffed at last after many years of trying have managed to blog in consecutive days.

Friday Morning is looking busy, but hopefully we should complete this weeks work by early afternoon, and then going to try and take some time off during the long weekend.

May try on Sunday to rebuild our on line shop.!! Keep you posted here.

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Busy couple of weeks

It’s been a few busy couple of weeks.
Been doing data recovery, System repairs, Virus removals, and busy talking to a few businesses about taking out a monitoring and support contract.

The down side has been that PC World are continuing to tell people we are bust and gone. This leaves me with no option but to speak to our solicitor tomorrow, and try and get something sorted to prevent this immediately.

Any other IT providers near a PC World store need to keep an eye out as I believe this may be a way of them to try and get market segment from us smaller guys.

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Mac and Linux Support

OK I know it’s been a while since I posted last, just been a little busy with business.

We have made a decision recently to add support of Mac’s and Linux to our portfolio. We have already gained several new customer who run Mac’s.

We have also extended the area we cover, to include Devon, Cornwall, and parts of Somerset. Our next change will be our long awaited move to the Airport Business Centre, along with changes to our websites.

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Microsoft Office Live

Are you a small business, or thinking of starting a business.
have a look at Microsoft’s office live.

Depending on what you want, this could even be free. You get a free domain name, and you will then have a business looking email address.

I always get worried when I see a new business, with a hotmail or gmail address. Even worse when it is an established business.

We are currently working on plans on how we can support businesses using Office Live.

If you want to give it a try (currently free as it is in Beta) but want to have some back up, sign up and contact us we will come and see you and give you free support for the short term whilst we develop our offerings around Office Live.

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